What if everyone in your
audience could carry your
message in their pocket?
With MiniBük, your ideas and message become "the printed word". Its' 3.5 x 5 size is quick and inexpensive to produce, yet perceived as "special".

Call or email us to get started on your own MiniBük or MiniBük with Business Card today.


"It makes the information friendly, like the book version of a Hershey Kiss!"
— David Newman

• High value gift
   at a giveaway cost
• Great conversa-
   tion starter
• ebook PDF at
   no extra cost

It's the best business card I
could have!"

— Randy Goruk

• Deliver your
   "elevator pitch"
• Increase sales
• Maximize
• Use scannable
   QR code linked to
   your web page

"For speakers. it's
a no-brainer, it's
so easy to do."

— Patrick Henry

• Easy templates
• Professionally
   designed cover
• Repurpose
   content you have
Inexpensive and
   quick to produce

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