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A custom cover that displays a lot of imformation, yet efficiently within the small space of your MiniBük cover. On Course is a text-packed dictionary of more than 50,000 words. Yet, it is pocket sized, easy to ship in bulk, and low-cost for individual mailings. This edition is used at seminars and presentations as a leave-behind by the author.

• 212 interior pages
Perfect Bind format with
   imprinted spine
• Full color cover
• Matching PDF digital file
• Custom imprint on back cover

This MiniBük represents a lot of pages (212), but demonstrates an efficient use of the MiniBük format. A lot of information is put into a convenient, low-cost book format. Easier to mail and inventory, not to mention much easier to sell at the MiniBük price point. This MiniBük was printed and bound for less than $1.75 per copy.

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