Publish a book about any topic.
It's quick, clever and efficient.
The magic of a book
With MiniBük it's possible to attain instant credibility. Let's say you have an idea, a presentation, or an area of special expertise.
Whatever your message, product or service, a MiniBük puts forth just the right space to gain attention and get noticed.
When you hand someone a book you'll discover the magic of being an author. It carries a message of substance, strength.
Just 3½ x 5 inches
Small. Lightweight. Did we mention convenient? Not only can you easily mail a MiniBük, but you will be able to hand them out without taking out a mortgage.

And, you will find it's easy to tailor your message so it doesn't become a bore.
Customize your book
Your MiniBük is printed quickly in whatever format you choose:
1. Perfect Bound: just like a regular book. (needs to be at least 64 pages)
2. Saddle Stitched: lays flat and is the easiest to mail. (No more than 48 pages)
3. The MiniBük with Business Card Have your business card attached to the back cover of your MiniBük, like this:
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