Our goal is to make getting
your MiniBük simple and easy.
1. Writing your book
The first step, while it may sound obvious, is to get the writing finished.
Ordinarily, writing a book can be a daunting task. But, with MiniBük it is surprising how easy it can be. Nearly all of us have already written papers, created presentations or have the makings of a book right at our fingertips.
The benefit of a MiniBük is the pride of authoring a book, without having to write 25,000 words or more. You deliver your content in a streamlined way that readers appreciate.
2. Format your book
The MiniBük process has been designed so your manuscript can be easily converted to the 3-1/2 in. x 5 in. MiniBük size.
When preparing text you just need to follow some simple guidelines.
A MiniBük page layout using 20 pt. font size will average about 110 words per page...and, with graphics and images the word count reduces. We are available to answer questions about formatting pages. Just email or call us.
3. Sending digital files
The content of your MiniBük is up to you. You may include a title page, table of contents, dedication, introduction or anything else you wish. Page margins become your guide.
Once you finalize the interior pages of your book, they are saved as a PDF file. This is what we use to print your finished MiniBük.
Preparing your cover (which may include your business card as a MiniBük with Business Card) can be accomplished three ways. For more about preparing text and art, click here.
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