Writing a MiniBük is easier
than you might imagine.
There is no set number of pages. A MiniBük can be as few as 16-pages or as thick as 200 pages!
What holds most of us back from writing a book is the thought of having to write and write ... and write.
With MiniBük your idea, product, service or message becomes an easily finished task. After all, you're not writing an epic novel ... unless that is your goal.
• Turn an article into a book
• Convert a PowerPoint into
   a book
• Publish a short story about
   your business philosophy
• Highlight a product
• Enlist key managers to
   write short pieces about
   the organization
• Publish a series of photos
   or drawings

You are in command.
By becoming your own editor and publisher, your MiniBük will be an extension of you. Whether a sole proprietor or a larger organziation, having your own book will suddenly give you an edge.
Help is always close by
We are always meeting talented writers, editors and communicators. So, if you feel you need someone to help with any part of your MiniBük, contact us and we will do our best to introduce you to someone who can help.

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