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Preparing text pages
The interior (text) pages of your MiniBük represent the page count of your book. Note that word count for a typical page can range from 100 to 160.
To preview your layout with MS Word, use our special technique. With the default 8-1/2 in. x 11 in. page size, and specific margin settings, you create a PDF document for processing by MiniBük.*
Artwork, photos, charts, etc. may be inserted as you format your text. Interior pages print in black or full color, on white stock. Note that images embedded within a word processor document undergo a conversion and reduction in quality.
Helpful tips for text
1. Format your text using a program such as Microsoft Word (you will use this to create your PDF print files).
2. Be sure to use the 8-1/2 in. (wide) x 11 in. (height) page size.
3. Adjust your page margins to 1-1/2 in. on left and right, and 1 in. at top and bottom. Note that any page numbers (headers and footers) must be within this margin.
4. Use a 20 to 22 pt. font size for your text, this setup will produce a final, easily read, size font of 10 to 11 pts. to fit the 3-1/2 in. x 5 in. page size of your MiniBük book. Note: adjust the number of lines per page from 15 (low) to 28 (high) depending on your desired text density and word overall count.
Ways to get a cover

1. Design your own cover and simply send it to us in PDF format. Download a 64-72 page cover template for perfect-binding, or for saddle-stitched books, you may use our 8-40 page cover template. Please call us at 800.900.2499 for addtional templates.

2. Choose from one of our MiniBük Cover Designs. We can customize your cover for a nominal charge.

3. Contact us for recommendations regarding a custom cover.

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* Note: MS Word technique valid for standard text without bleeds. Use our custom InDesign templates if you have InDesign and want more layout control and/or have bleeds.
For a nominal fee, we can prepare
your text layout using Adobe InDesign.

Call us if you need other cover templates.

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